What a Success

p16It was good to see the Hairy bikers organizing “old school”, what a great idea to bring together youngsters and senior citizen. How they both benefited, both gaining confidence, the elders feeling needed and the vulnerable youngsters feeling support and caring. Both gained from giving and receiving.

You could see the youngsters blossoming and the elders glowing with pride, both were growing in the new relationships. The cognitive skills of the elders improved together with the youngsters school grades which soared, school attendance and general well-being. Everyone likes the support and friendship of someone they trust, a mentor to look up to.

I remember when my daughter was at school an older lady in the village came in to talk to the children about life in the war years, ration books etc. The children were fascinated. When later I was teaching, adults often came in to listen to children read, run the library and other tasks. This pairing of elders and youngsters appeared to be even better and should be practised nationwide.

In the program the bonding and caring grew over the weeks, it was great to see. What a win-win situation!

We could all do with a coach or mentor when learning something new. On some occasions the youngsters were coaching the elders to enter their world of electronic games, painting and even assisting with one gentleman’s paperwork. Meanwhile the elders supported the youngsters, passing on their knowledge and life experiences.

It took a little while for the relationships to develop, and for them to understand each other, but as it was a monitored situation, any problems were soon resolved.

In my current business I have benefited from having a coach and mentor, much the same as sports people do or people learning any new skill. If you were thinking of learning to drive, learning to play tennis or golf, you would find an expert in their field and benefit from their previous experience.

Working online is no different, affiliate marketing with the guidance of a coach is the simplest way to start. It’s great fun and satisfying watching you business grow; it can be worked in your spare-time. It is low-cost to start-up and is suitable for almost anyone with a strong desire to succeed. Age, education or gender are unimportant, with the guidance of a coach you can start earning whilst you learn the skills required.